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Astoria Core 600



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2 Group: RRP $9,543.60

3 Group: RRP $11,666.60

2 Group: RRP $10,660.10

3 Group: RRP $12,783.10

Finance available from as little as (X) to approved purchases.

Fluid controls, Spectacular coffee, Aesthetic design.

Astoria Machines have NEW LINES. Core600 is the first of the new Core class of Astoria coffee machines. Core re-visits Astoria’s elegance, with its simple lines and modern design making it immediately recognizable. With Core, the Italian espresso coffee tradition is exalted by a functionally designed object, able to become the protagonist in any ambiance. Inside Core600beats the very heart of Astoria, a combination of tradition, technology and a veritable passion for espresso. With Core, espresso takes on a new design.


Professionalism in style

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core astoria

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