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Necta Samba Touch

Samba Touch: taking Vending to the next level


Take all the features of Samba you’ve been appreciating in these years and combine them up with a touch interface. Then you getSamba Touch! With Samba Touch, access to products and information is easy and immediate, using a simple, intuitive and interactive interface . With the touch screenyou can browse through the products on sale , and buy multiple items in a single transaction, through the ‘basket’ feature.
Products are also grouped into categories to make browsing for your item easier. For each product, you can also select a screen which containsnutritional information . The operator can tailor deals to specific locations – as well as setting up discounts based on the quantity of products in the basket.

Next generation vending



Touch screen interface

  • 7″ Touch screen interface
  • Customizable products menu which can be browsed by category
  • Basket facility which enables multi-buy discounts
  • Nutritional information of the selected product

Design and Configuration

  • Flexible configuration that can offer snack, cans and bottles and food
  • All trays with ETL – electronic price labels
  • Elegant alumininum door with bright polycarbonate inserts
  • LED lighting of the cell


  • N&W platform with 16 bits electronics and 4 MB flash memory
  • Remote management of prices and promotion on the trays with ETL (electronic tray labels)
  • Data collection in line with EVA-DTS standars, using GIGA software
  • IDRA compatible