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Necta Kobalto

Professional drinks, simple functions

Combining excellent performance with great flexibility, Kobalto creates a wide variety of drink selections simply and efficiently including authentic Italian espressos, rich creamy chocolate and light frothy cappuccinos, thanks to its fresh milk storage capacity.
Available in several versions with a wide range of products and innovative technology, this machine can create professional drinks using a range of ingredients to suit a variety of tastes. With its intuitive user interface, Kobalto is an extremely user-friendly machine, whether placed behind the bar for staff or in self-service mode for customer use.

Professionalism in style



Sturdy materials

  • A super-automatic hot beverage dispenser with highest quality components to support heavy workloads
  • Stainless steel elements

Simple user interface

  • Very simple to use and no need of a skilled Barista/WaiterEasy to use by staff or in self-service mode
  • Flexible user interface (modular push-buttons) 
  • Large selection panel
  • Electronic display can show customised messages

Wide range of drinks

  • Between 8 and 16 selections easily customised using a wide range of ingredients: coffee beans, soluble coffee, fresh or powdered milk, chocolate, tea, etc.
  • Water and steam wands