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MRS 600


Food-service, Coffee, Espresso, Steam, Reconstitution and Ice.

High output/high efficiency configurable system that delivers both reverse osmosis (RO) and blended filtered water for multiple foodservice applications. This tailored blending process removes just the right amount of dissolved solids from the incoming tap water to achieve the desired final water quality.

With the average recovery of 78%, the MRS-600HE-II system only disposes approximately 1/4 cup of water for each cup of coffee brewed. Its high recovery RO technology yields significant savings in water and sewer charges with a minimal environmental footprint.

Check Brochure for further information regarding technical specifications and system functions.


  • Requires less than 50% of the electrical energy typically consumed by conventional reverse osmosis systems
  • System operation is tailored to the water quality at each location to maximize recovery possible for a specified membrane lifetime
  • Reduces limescale build-up that can cause excessive machine downtime and increased maintenance costs
  • Reduces chlorine taste & odor and other contaminants that can adversely affect the taste of water and beverages

Video and Brochure